Testimonials about php[tek]

We are just 3 weeks away from php[tek] — the PHP conference that acts as a homecoming to the PHP community. Thanks to the spacious room available at our new venue, we still have tickets available at this time.

If you were on the fence about attending, read on to hear from some of our past attendees as to what their experience was like:


“The seminars are absolutely fantastic. I am in the middle of moving from real-time software developer veteran to the web paradigm, and this filled in so many holes in my knowledge.” — Attendee

“Was my first introduction to php[architect]’s conferences, and they’ve quickly become my favorites. A great balance of fun and education, structured and social. The organizers obviously care about the conference and the enjoyment of everyone who attends, and I can’t wait for the next one!” — Attendee

“Your team always has the best engagement programs for sponsors!” — Sponsor

“It inspired me to completely change the way my team works.” — Attendee

“Great group of sponsors that where very relevant to the conference. They where all very approachable and easy to talk to and provided A-LOT of great information.” — Attendee

“Overall, our team was able to make some solid connections as well as build and grow on conversations that happened at last years event. […] Thank you very much for the opportunity again and looking forward to continuing to work with you all in years to come.” — Sponsor

“Keep up the amazing work!” — Attendee

“As per usual you and the rest of php[architect] did a fantastic job!” — Sponsor

“(The sponsors were) Super friendly people, but not pushy – genuinely interested in my work and engaging to talk with.” — Attendee

“I absolutely loved loved loved it. I learned a great deal. My interest is how developers can work together and share learning experiences and I have a heart for mentoring. Now I have found several areas where I can learn and also contribute to php – to continue to grow my skills and hopefully get a chance to mentor someone new to php.” — Attendee

“This was my first time attending the conference and I thought the people and atmosphere were excellent. The people attending seemed to be warm which made it easy to meet new people. — Attendee


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